Private cars travel Martin Luther King Boulevard in Chattanooga, and are subject to police enforcement even though city police do not have lawful authority to enforce commercial statutes upon non-commercial auto owners and users. (Photo David Tulis

The Federal Government mandated a title to all automobiles being manufactured when they enacted the statute requiring the the manufacturer to provide a document listing all the features of the product created with an identifying serial number.

By Dick Marple

This document would be the DEED showing ownership of the automobile. The industry refers to this DEED as a Certificate of Origin, as well it should, as that is where the manufacture embosses the serial number on the automobile and the DEED is a companion document that accompanies the automobile to the dealer when sold by the manufacturer. Now the Dealer has both the automobile and the DEED document, known as Certificate of Origin and offers the automobile for sale.

A purchaser agrees to buy the automobile but hasn’t got full payment and must select some lending institution (at best interest rate) to fund the balance needed for full payment to the Dealer. This is where the DEED (Certificate of Origin)  is delivered by the Dealer to the lending institution as collateral for the loan to pay off the dealer. The lending institution has a contract with the auto purchaser for so many months at whatever interest agreed upon and when the final payment is made, the DEED is returned to the owner.

Sue TN cop as oppessor, defend self in traffic court: Transportation Administrative Notice

There is NO need for duplication of process, which now costs the taxpayers millions of dollars for the pencil packing , paper pushing pocket picking parasites in motor vehicles division title bureau to duplicate an existing process and hold REAL TITLE to the property that has been taken, (in violation of the 5th amendment) by the criminal  Tort of  “Conversion”).

The MVD only offers the unsuspecting their creation of a document they call a “Certificate of Title”, meaning a Title does exist and they the MVD hold it.

It is not the true DEED to your property, but a mere “paper certificate”. And we are paying them millions for the accounting service they are expending. They are selling you a piece of paper and retain the true DEED for the corporate state, that now owns what you thought was your property.

May I now have your support in exposing the FRAUD being perpetrated upon our fellow inhabitants by a greedy corporate self-satisfying MVD? Actually they are practicing “RICO for REVENUE”.

Dick Marple is a legislator in the general assembly of New Hampshire, and has introduced a bill that clarifies the people have a right to travel by car or truck on the road and that the department of safety and police have no authority to seize people who are not commercial users of the road.

Innovator in law favors free travel

Ornery Rep. Marple would deflate deep state and restore people’s right to travel, protecting them from false law enforcement claims. (Courtesy 92.7 NoogaRadio)

Action plan for TN legal reform

Bill clarifies rights of travel, policing of transportation in N.H.

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Poor, ignorant unwilling to fight back vs. unlawful traffic enforcement

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Notice aids fight to overturn slick ruling on travel-transportation

Council leaves citizens exposed to police abuse, cops to tort lawsuits

In redress of real estate grievance, Gravitt spikes ‘proof of ownership of the roads’

Judge orders TN to halt to driver license suspensions

I win cockroach war with local economy, bottom-up methods

Notice means officials must reform traffic stops or face personal bad faith tort lawsuits

Without traffic stop reform, human flourishing in Tennessee will suffer

Modern state works to make private people public people — commercial legal entities

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Officers with plenty of cover kill woman in car trapped in woods

Ledford pushes back against open city idea that would result from Title 55 obedience

Pinkston prosecutorial practice: ‘No constitutional “right to travel,”’ & that’s that

Citizens to city council: Routine arrests ugly, hateful

City’s poor get relief, cops avoid liability suits — fruits of administrative notice

If licensing scheme runs on consent, ‘illegals’ may be freer than citizens

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What I tell appellate judge McClarty about slave days, use of roads

Berke would make enemies if takes tough action over roadside abuses

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Journalist gives city administrative notice on limits to police power

Transportation administrative notice Tennessee

Improving prod upon officials — the idea of administrative notice

Administrative notice tells city its authority is limited

Notice to Haslam: Staff personally liable if not fix traffic stop rules

Driver license racket operates in realm of administrative law

Notice to Hammond: Reform required even though Haslam, judges, legislators opposed

U.S. judge slams Haslam’s abuse of driver license revocations to enslave, impoverish poor

It’s time DA Pinkston squints at TN traffic law, observes limited scope

City urged restrain cops, obey TN traffic law, avoid abusing minorities

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Yearly emissions test reminds of state’s conversion of right into privilege

If we were a free people, who would pay?

Free-range motorist seeks to vaporize charges, asks they be heard ‘in agency’

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